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  • Sylph
    Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
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    Georgianna Cavendish, duchess of Devonshire was one of the leading ladies of her time. There for, her novel, which contains many autobiographical plots, has been published anonymously. The author was thought to have been Sophia Briscoe, a contemporary novelist, or Fanny Burney, author of Evelina which was published at about the same time. However the duchess admitted to writing the story of Julia Grenville, a welsh beauty who marries an older man. She very quickly discovers her husband is a libertine and a rake, and that she has no idea how to behave in London society. Yet she has a sylph, a man who watches over her and gives her advice. The novel shows London society in a scathing manner, and teaches us that even in the darkest times there are good people along the way.