English Dictionary

Instructions for the use of the word lists
SPONSORED LINKS includes a powerful built-in flashcard system that makes it easy for you to learn new vocabulary by creating your own lists of words based on dictionary entries. To add words to your study lists you can use the predefined lists sorted by topics, the audiobook reader, or directly looking up the word in the dictionary.

You have five lists:
Red Cards: Words you not know its meaning.
Orange Cards: Words that you hardly know its meaning.
Yellow Cards: Words you know the meaning, but you do not use fluently.
Green Cards: Words to know the meaning and uses fluent, but you want to continue studying.
All Cards: All the words are present in the other lists.

The available actions for a word are:
Add: Add the word in the study list.
Remove: Remove the word from the study list.
Previous: Go to the previous word or phrase
Score: Change the color of the word.
Next: Go to the next word or phrase.
Sound: Listen to the pronunciation of the word or phrase.